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Something in the Water

The balance of terror and hope in this first novel is breathtaking. Listeners will anxiously await another novel from Steadman, and will hope the author will choose to narrate future works as well. [“Erin’s and Mark’s motivations are sketchy and a number of threads are left untied at the end, leaving the reader hanging. Still, this has been getting some prepub buzz so die-hard thriller fans might be interested”: LJ Xpress Reviews 6/15/18 review of the Ballantine hc.]

Heads of the Colored People

Thompson-Spires succeeds in striking just the right balance between acidity and pathos. This book will appeal to listeners who appreciate clever, innovative writing about painful subjects. [“Presenting unique characters, gifted storyteller Thompson-Spires navigates the black experience with humor and poignancy while also acknowledging the inherent tensions and exposure to violence black citizens encounter”: LJ 3/15/18 starred review of the Atria hc.]

Endeavour: The Complete Fifth Season

The plots, characters, and university backdrop will entrance old and new Morse fans all the way to the evocative musical notes ending each episode.

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Heartworn Highways

Poignant and riveting, this unforgettable profile of some of the seminal figures in American music is a must-see for any music lover.
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